How To Make A Pizza Dough

What’s the 1st thing you need when making a delicious pizza @ home.

A great pizza base!

Here’s a fail proof recipe for a true Neapolitan style pizza base.


4 cups of bread flour preferably Italian 00
4 teaspoons sea salt
2 teaspoons instant yeast
370ml of filtered water


Mix flour, salt & yeast in large bowl & whisk until aerated and incorporated
Add water & use your hands to mix until there are no dry ingredients in the bottom of the bowl & the dough is smooth

-Cover bowl with cling wrap & allow to rise @ room temp. approx 8-12 hours

-Turn dough onto lightly floured surface & divide into 4 even balls
– Place each into a zip-lock freezer bag & into fridge & allow to rise for next 2 days
-Remove from fridge, re shape to a ball & rest @ room temp. for about 2 hours before using.

The dough needs to be formed by hand not with a machine or a rolling pin & should be no more than 3mm thick., rustic & made with love – – YUM

Traditionally Nap. Pizzas are topped with tomato, Mozzarella, basil & extra virgin olive oil (ie a Margherita)
You can top it with whatever you like!!!

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