Total Fire Ban And Permits

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During summer our number one question is:
Can you still cater for us if there is a Total Fire Ban?

With extreme fire conditions becoming more prevalent along with the high number of events we cater for in the Adelaide Hills, surrounds and in rural SA the last thing we want is to increase the risk of fire or even to put people in an uncomfortable position worrying about our practices when it comes to their catering options or for the owners/managers of private properties or function venues etc.

Once a TFB is declared, it is our responsibility (not the clients) to obtain a schedule 10 permit
We have direct communication and a great liaison with staff at the CFS permits section at CFS headquarters. Here they have a detailed outline of our business operations with regard to the ovens, have inspected our set up and ensured we comply with all safety measures, along with a list of all chefs/staff in charge of the ovens on file
We then supply further details for each specific event including the lighting times, address, property owner’s details, occasion, number of guests and all contact phone numbers

The following are the different degrees of fire danger ratings.
Low – Moderate
Very High


The rating’s are assigned to each region up to 4 days in advance and are indicative of what rating to expect on that day
This is now a really effective system, as we can prepare ahead of time. Only a few years ago we found out at 4pm the day before if a TFB was declared. We then had to quickly contact the relevant council to obtain a permit. Now! Try contacting the relevant council officer at 4pm on a Friday evening, not easy! Each council had a different set of guidelines and there just wasn’t any consistency amongst the persons responsible for issuing the permits

If the degree of fire danger is either extreme or catastrophic the CFS will typically not issue us with a permit
I’ve added a copy of the schedule 10  Schedule 10.pdf
This schedule 10 permit advises and reassures clients, venue manager and associated personnel that we are compliant with the CFS standards of operation and have permission to light our wood oven between certain times

It is very important as a commercial business to provide and maintain continuous service to our clients. In the event of not being able to obtain a permit we have a back up plan
We operate with our gas or electric ovens when we are unable to obtain the necessary permit 

The only real difference we find is that food service is perhaps a tad slower and the visual ambience of not having the wood oven and the associated smells etc. isn’t there

Many shows, especially weddings, we are generally out of view from the guests anyway
The pizza making process, standards and quality remains the same
We suggest that when enquiring about catering where wood ovens are being used that you ask what process your caterer undertakes in event of a TFB

Unfortunately we are aware of some caterers who haven’t obtained permits in the past on TFB days. This not only puts them at risk, their clients, the venue and the greater public and in turn may compromise all other operators working within the law.

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