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    Fat Blokes Big Bundle Offer

    $182.45 $159.00

    We are continually being asked what we use & why & where do we get it from.

    So we’ve sourced our favourite items and are offering them to you in this special bundle.

    • 2 x Ironwood Gourmet Pizza Paddles   $65.90
    • one Pizza lifter $12.95
    • 6 x 12″(300ml) pizza trays $47.70
    • 1 Kitchen Aid Pizza cutter $36.95
    • 1 Kitchen Aid Silicone Brush $18.95

    Normal Retail Price is     $182.45


    FREE complimentary pizza cutting mat, We use this to cut pizzas on and then slide onto the serving paddles


    • So you don’t trash your pizza paddles with deep cuts
    • Makes sliding the pizza onto the pizza paddle easy
    • Helps keep the paddle clean


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